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Our first pedal board case way back in 1993
Lift the lid, plug in and play at pedalboards by caseman
We were one of the first

The very first case we ever built way back in 1993 was a pedal board case and we remember how great it was to have a lift the lid and play setup.

We're not an ABC case company giving pedalboards a go and we're not a pedalboard company designing great boards then stuffing them into inferior bags or cases.

We build great boards and accompany them with great cases built to withstand real world touring yet still be comfortable enough to carry around town. What's more they're all built in our Melbourne workshop at a price that's reasonable.

It's all about markup

All of the mass market, retail targeted products floating around come from the same XYZ overseas suppliers. You're paying for those import / wholesale / distribution / retail markups and often get very little back in value added product.

We apply the reverse approach and include our quality materials and skilled labour to ensure you receive that value added product your gear deserves.

Flight panel and double angle image Whether it's plywood or flight panel every panel is 10mm thick. The corner angle is always a double angle.
Convoluted foam lining image We only use Dunlop Flexible Foams and other speciality foams sourced from the USA. They ensure reliable protection on the road and in the air.
Penn Elcom hardware image We're 100% Penn Elcom hardware and our supporting materials and construction methods are always of the same high standard.
C&C Cases label image We're all for building a quality product right here in Australia using the finest ingredients possible at a value for money price. 
2013 Jetsetter prototype
What others are saying about Pedalboards By Caseman

Tossing up between a Caseman (no prices on the site, so I'm assuming horribly expensive), an NYC Pedalboard (look great but the shipping might hurt) and the "RoadCAT" from Blue Cat.
Anybody got any opinions / suggestions ?


"I have used Caseman for all my gear, and i tell you now other than blueberry ash you will not find a better case maker around than chris at caseman.  His customer service outstrips anyone, and the quality of case is excellent and also his cases are now approved by some national group (cant remember).  The reason chris doesn't have prices is because everything is built to order, and if you knew the time and quality he puts into them its really not that more expensive than say blue cat cases.  No i don't work there but I know when something is done right.  When it comes to buying a case the old saying goes "you get what you pay for"".

Further response

"I also vouch for Chris at C&C Cases.
Chris Hine works custom work pretty much the whole time (built to order) and I have had a 10 unit rack case (the one you saw at Ampfest) made by Chris, a 16 unit PA rack case and my pedalboard all done by him.
The work is outstanding, very rugged and well made.
I couldnt recommend Chris any more highly".


"OK Guys....
I pushed the button today and ordered a case through Chris Hine at C&C. I know I'm getting something made exactly to my specs, and yes the quality looks incredible.
At the beginning of last week I sent out 4 requests to case suppliers / makers via their website contact forms, 3 Australians and one overseas company.
Chris rang me the next day to talk about exactly what I needed, I didn't hear a peep out of any of the others. So I decided to go with the great service rather than chase anyone else up to save some bucks.
Thanks for the recommendations guys, I'll post pics of the new setup when it's all put together."

Another testimonial

Chris at Pedalboards By Caseman just built me an awesome oldskool ply pedalboard and indestructible case to go with it, as seen on their new relaunched website. I have been gigging around with my trusty C&C Cases flight case for my tube head for years. These Pedalboards are high quality and completely custom. Don't waste your money on massed produced off the shelf stuff. Do yourself a favour. Give Caseman a call!
Jack Crawford - Blackwater, Armoured Earth

And another

I ordered a case from Chris at C&C Cases on Monday, sent through the final dimensions and specs around 7pm, it was built and in the post the next day!!! 
The case is absolutely top notch! Such high quality of work and fast!
I'm so happy with the work and the service! Couldn't ask for anything more! 

I couldn't recommend this company anymore highly!
James Underwood, Engadine Music

And another

I finally finished wiring up my Jetsetter custom pedalboard. Chris at C&C Cases created my dream board with a 450mm x 450mm angled board and a 250mm x 450mm flat board combination. Power supplies are mounted underneath the angled side. The Jetsetter is a lift the lid and play system so I just lift the lid and I'm ready to go. This is seriously the best pedalboard and roadcase I've ever had. Chris thanks so much, you make dreams come true.

Jon Ashley, Bondi Effects, Kentucky, USA.

And another

Hi Chris,

I'm a touring/session guitarist based out of Sydney, Australia. I became a fan of your cases after ordering one for my pedalboard. I was astounded by your customer service, and best of all, a quality product that has lived up to the rigour of touring for a year with barely a sign of use. The craftsmanship is impeccable and the case is strong and durable.

Jake Bisognin.

And another

The board arrived. It's at my dad's house in Atlanta. I'm in New Orleans, he'll be bringing it to me in two weeks. Anxious as hell, I'll give you the full review when it gets here. My old man is pretty blown away by the quality.

The case is here and it's freaking impeccable. Getting another pedal on Sunday and will be wiring the whole thing up, will send pictures. After looking at these things online for so long I am still in shock at the quality and design of this case. Couldn't be more thrilled, but I'm sure you've heard a lot of reactions like this.

You now have a representative in the Atlanta and New Orleans music scenes! Hopefully you'll be seeing some orders coming in from this way.

Foster Lewis, Atlanta, USA.

And another

Hi Chris

Just thought I'd send you a quick pic of the board. Just started playing around with it today. Thank you so much for all your work Chris. You truely are a master at what you do. I couldn't be happier with how it came out. I am absolutely stoked with it. It'll take me a while to solder,loom and set it all up properly but when I do, I'll forward a few good quality photos to you. 
Thanks again and much appreciated

Steve Fullalove

And another

Hey Chris,

Board arrived today, and buddy you deserve a beer because you've done one hell of a job!
The case is flawless and the board itself is just magnificent, and a perfect fit in the case.

It's the perfect size as well; attached is a pic of a dry set up without the volume pedal and with the foot switch for my Laney (comes and goes depending on the band), so I can easily drop that to free up heaps of room!

Thanks a bunch mate, I can't say how much I appreciate you making time to get this out to me on such short notice. I'll send you a nicer picture when my pedals are cleaned up and she's all wired in :)


And another

Hey Chris, 

Hope ur having a great time up north! Just wanted to send a quick email to say a massive thank you for the case and board! It arrived in pristine condition and I have to say the build quality is phenomenal to say the least! 

I'm absolutely blown away and beyond happy with the final result and finished product! I honestly couldn't recommend you highly enough! I'll be doing my best to recommend your products to all my mates over here!

Thanks again for all your hard work!


And another

Hi Chris!
Got the Gentleman board today. Super fast shipping. The board looks awesome. And super light. I'm a very happy and thankful customer Chris. Thank you so very very much for building my dream pedalboard. You delivered big time.

Jørn, Norway

And another

WOW. Blown away by the case and your accommodation of my urgency. Thanks so much Chris - Iíll be back!

David Smith, NSW

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