A freshly loaded small Jetsetter BY CASEMAN
Pedalboards BY CASEMAN

Original designs, tailor made solutions, prompt turnaround and a well earned reputation for quality. 

Made in Melbourne, Australia since 1993.

Onstage with a medium Gentleman pedalboard.
A freshly loaded large Jetsetter BY CASEMAN
Another Kemper Stage ready for flight today.
A large Gentleman already for the tour with a case by Caseman.
A FLAT Gentleman loaded with guitar effects pedals and additional powercon and TRS jacks.
Custom flatboards by caseman in their final assembly stage.
Small Gentleman acoustic pedalboard
Every Gentleman pedalboard starts with a blank folded board and raw timber.
Powder coating is applied to the metal and nitro lacquer applied to the timber.
A finished large Gentleman guitar pedalboard proudly built here in Australia.
Various FLAT Gentleman pedalboards in the packaging department.
Premium pedalboards and cases BY CASEMAN
Case building goes hand in hand with pedalboard building.
Locally milled aluminium flight case extrusions.
Every Jetsetter starts with a raw piece of 3mm folded aluminium.
Jetsetter BY CASEMAN

Various pedalboard prototypes.
Fractal AX8 fresh on the bench today.
Loaded interface panel with D Series locking TRS jacks and an IEC power inlet.
Custom pedalboard planning to ensure everything functions as it should on the road.
Alex Laska from Kingswood Band seen here tweaking his Gentleman pedalboard.
Busy day and night
Be original

Since 1993 I've hand built unique and tour worthy pedalboards. My job gives me much pleasure. If you're hunting for near enough or the cheapest price hunt elsewhere. If it's true value for money you want shop with me. Your business will be most appreciated.

For a look at the cases I build CLICK HERE.

If you wish to contact me do so by email please.

Rock on!
Caseman (Chris).

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