Flat Boards BY CASEMAN
Flat Boards BY CASEMAN

Custom flat pedalboards and optional matching cases.

Simple, elegant design built to any size.

Flatboards BY CASEMAN
Hinged risers BY CASEMAN

Upgrade from the previous version designed by Caseman in 2017.

Built to any size and supplied with one of our flatboard's or as a separate purchase for your existing board.

Underneath clearance heights: 28mm, 53mm, 63mm or 83mm.

Optional D Series holes on the 63mm and 83mm supports.

Hinged risers BY CASEMAN
Six customer examples

The six examples below are all customer jobs that were built to their individual requirements in our Melbourne workshop.

Prices included GST but did not include freight.

Example 1

Board size: 600mm x 300mm.
Case style: Model B extruded case with 50mm underneath storage.
Price: $499 (board and case).

600mm x 300mm flatboard with Extruded case BY CASEMAN
Example 2

Board size: 600mm x 400mm.
Hinged riser size: 470mm x 130mm x 53mm.
Price: $299.

600mm x 400mm flatboard with hinged riser and matching case BY CASEMAN
Example 3 (Boss RC-300 Loop Station board)

Board size: 600mm x 400mm.
Hinged riser size: 565mm x 140mm x 63mm.
Case style: 6 Panel case.
Board weight: 3kg.
Case weight: 7.5kg.
Price: $599 (board, riser and case).

Accessories not included.

Boss RC-300 Loop Station pedalboard BY CASEMAN
Example 4

Board size: 570mm x 450mm.
Hinged riser size: 540mm x 140mm x 63mm.
Case style: Airport style 6 Panel case.
Price: $699 (board, riser and case).

Airport style ATA case BY CASEMAN
Example 5

Board size: 810mm x 470mm.
Hinged riser size: 780mm x 125mm x 83mm.
Case style: Wheeled 6 Panel case.
Price: $799 (board, riser and case).

Commence your next tour of duty with Caseman.
Example 6

Board size: 690mm x 400mm.
Hinged riser size: 685mm x 155mm x 53mm.
Case style: 6 Panel case.
Price: $599 (board, riser and case).

Lift the lid and plug in.
Big red caseman pedalboard
Let's build a flatboard!
Immaculately well cabled guitar pedals flatboard by JH Productions.
Flatboard measurements

A Board width.
B Board depth.

Please note:

The capping is 15mm.
If your board for example measures 500mm x 400mm the black area reduces to 470mm x 370mm.

Custom flatboards BY CASEMAN
Add a riser?
We've been cracking the pedalboard code since 1993.
Riser measurements

C Riser width (overall size increases 6mm).
D Riser depth.
E Underneath riser clearance (28mm, 53mm, 63mm or 83mm).

Hinged pedalboard risers BY CASEMAN
Additional toppings?
We broke the pedalboard code way back in 1993. Today we're still producing interesting new ideas downunder mate!
Just the basic's are covered here. Pedal heights, riser positioning and any additional's can be further clarified in your email:

If you're after a reliable, space efficient rig with all the bit's done for you then drop this bloke a line:

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