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Fractal AX8

The Fractal Audio AX8 amp modeler / multi fx and Mission VM Pro SP1-R below is mounted to a plywood board which sits tight within the case base.

Board size: 530mm x 280mm.
Weight (board and case): 6.5kg.
Price: $499 inc. GST per case plus freight.

The new AX8 is an all-in-one Amp Modeler + Multi-Effects Pedalboard
Custom Fractal solutions

As a custom builder since 1993 we can pretty much build anything you can dream up. 

Custom Fractal Audio solutions
Fractal Audio Systems Axe Fx II

CLIENT: Brett Kingman.
OBJECTIVE: Design a lightweight system capable of being carried on airlines without incurring excess baggage charges.
SOLUTION: 2 separate cases that carry like hand luggage then connect together to roll like standard rolling luggage.

Large stacking feet allow these 2 cases to safely stack together once locked down.
Release the handle and tow behind you. Don't forget your boarding pass

With an inbuilt telescopic handle on the bottom case you'll be rolling from curb to check-in counter with ease.

Fractal Audio pedalboard case by Pedalboards By Caseman
Fractal Audio Axe Fx II rack by Pedalboards By Caseman
Brett Kingman uses Fractal Audio Axe Fx II live on stage
"This is an industrial strength professional transport solution for the Axe-FX. C&C Cases use only the highest quality materials and components but are also aware that weight must be kept to a minimum without sacrificing strength".

Brett Kingman.

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