Boutique timber guitar pedalboards By Caseman
Gentleman BY CASEMAN

Pedalboards with true home decor appeal yet light weight and sturdy enough for life on the road.

Featuring handcrafted timber ends and a range of signal accessories to suit our 460mm deep boards.

Purchase as a stand alone board or with a case.

Gentleman By Caseman available sizes
Gentleman accessories

We build all our own cases and they're designed specifically to suit our Gentleman boards.

We also stock a small range of jacks and IEC power cables to suit our 460mm pedalboards.

Gentleman custom BY CASEMAN

We take one raw 1,200mm section and chop it down to any width dimension you like. Once machined it heads to the powder coater then comes back for final assembly.

Should you want our largest board possible just leave it at the original 1,200mm width. This option is available in both the 320mm and 460mm deep boards.

Go on, buy the 1,200 x 460 Gent!
Small (no jacks)

Board only: $199
Matching case: $399

Medium (no jacks)

Board only: $249
Matching case: $449

Large (2 interface plates included)

Board only: $299
Matching case: $549
Matching wheeled case: $599
IEC to IEC cable: $45 per item*.
Redco TRS locking jacks: $16 per item*.
*Accessories sold only with a board purchase.


Board only: $349 (320mm depth) / $399 (460mm depth)
Included bits: 2 interface plates on the 460mm depth version.
Flight case: POA
IEC to IEC cable: $45 per item*.
Redco TRS locking jacks: $16 per item*.
*Accessories sold only with a board purchase.


Flat Gentleman

So much prettier than a Nano and possibly more useful we have 2 available for sale. Plenty of unobstructed storage thanks to an underboard height of 40mm.

Board only prices:

330 x 180: $129
465 x 180: $139

Availability: NOW

Flat Gentleman BY CASEMAN

400 X 460 Gentleman

Board only: $279.
Included bits: 2 empty interface plates, nothing else.
Availability: NOW

400 x 460 Gentleman in Jarrah By Caseman available NOW
Our prices include GST but do not include freight.

Our boards do not include any pedals or pedal related items.


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