Boutique timber guitar pedalboards By Caseman
Gentleman BY CASEMAN

Pedalboards with true home decor appeal yet light weight and sturdy enough for life on the road. Featuring handcrafted timber ends and a range of signal accessories to suit them. Purchase as a stand alone board or with a case.

Build your Gentleman in 2 easy steps:

Step 1: Choose your standard or custom sized board from the 320mm and 460mm depth (front to back) versions available. Custom sizes are any width (left to right) you want up to a whopping 1,200mm in either of the two available depths.

Step 2: Choose your accessories. 320mm depth boards can be left plain or fitted with interface panels. The 460mm depth boards come standard with your choice of two of them. We also carry a range of cable and signal accessories to mount on the panels.

Gentleman By Caseman available sizes.
Our standard sizes available in the Gentleman pedalboard range.
Custom Gentleman pedalboards available.
A nice big 900 x 460 Custom Gentleman effects pedalboard
Gentleman timber end styles.

Our unique interface panels make signal access easy.

A IEC  x 1 / D Series x 1 (320 boards)
B D Series x 3 (320 boards)
C IEC x 1 / D Series x 4 (460 boards)
D D Series x 5 (460 boards)
Gentleman pedalboard power and signal accessories.
A IEC C14 panel mount to IEC C5 (CIOKS)
B IEC C13 240v power lead
C IEC C14 panel mount to right angle IEC C13
D Powercon panel mount to IEC C5 (CIOKS)
E Powercon 240v power lead
F Powercon panel mount to right angle IEC C13
G Redco TRS locking jack
The very best in Australian made pedalboard cases since 1993.
Gentleman Flight Cases

Dependable, tailor made quality since 1993.

FLAT Gentleman By Caseman

200mm deep boards with 45mm underboard height.

Another Caseman original featuring hand made timber ends and available in small, large and custom widths up to 1,200mm.

Angled boards (no plugs included)

Standard: $199
Interface (2 panels included): $229
Standard: $249
Interface (2 panels included): $279
2 interface panels included: $299
320mm depth custom
Standard: $349
Interface panel version (2 panels included): $379
460mm depth custom
2 interface panels included: $399

Flat boards (no plugs included)


Power and signal accessories

A IEC C14 panel mount to IEC C5 (CIOKS): $44 each.
B IEC C13 240v power lead: $22 each.
C IEC C14 panel mount to right angle IEC C13: $44 each.
D Powercon panel mount to IEC C5 (CIOKS): $55 each.
E Powercon 240v power lead: $55 each.
F Powercon panel mount to right angle IEC C13: $55 each.
G Redco TRS locking jack: $16 each.

Accessories sold only with a board purchase.

Cases only

Small angled
Medium angled
Large angled
$549 (no wheels)
$599 (wheeled version)
Custom angled
Small FLAT
Large FLAT
Custom FLAT

Our prices include GST but do not include freight.

Our boards do not include any pedals or pedal related items.

Gentleman By Caseman
Armed with enough 3M Dual Lock and Evidence Audio cable to cover the MCG twice over Jack sure makes our Gentleman pedalboard a masterpiece of style and function.

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