Line 6
Line 6 Helix

Using our popular Model B extruded case we're incorporating a solid 9mm plywood board to which the Helix is attached with 3M Dual Lock. The board sits firmly between foam in the low profile bottom of the case allowing full access to the Helix.

The lid incorporates medium density foam lining and a firmer grade of foam in a wedge shape to capture the profile of the Helix during travel.

This case is designed to house only the Helix unit by itself.

Case style: Extruded case Model B.
Price: $499 inc. GST per case plus freight.

Line 6 Helix pedalboard case by CASEMAN
Line 6 Helix guitar pedalboard
Lightweight case solution for the Line 6 Helix
Line 6 Helix case shut tight and ready for flight.
Line 6 Helix custom example

Using all the same ingredients as in the example above we've added a powered pedal riser on which the Strymon Timeline sits. Underneath the riser hides the Voodoo Lab Digital power supply. Careful design consideration allowed us to keep everything contained within the standard Extruded model B case we use for many of our products.

Caseman custom Line 6 Helix and Strymon pedalboard.
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